About us


Growth and shared values

We are a large international team, connected by our mission and the desire to make a real difference in our work. That is why we have created an environment where solution orientation, open feedback and a growth mindset count.
Each and any of us want to grow. Our coaches, chapter leads, our people development team and we all together help each other to develop personally and as a team. The team spirit and willingness to help are correspondingly unique - across all locations and home offices.


We are passionate about what we do, whether it be delighting our customers with our products and services or working with our partners and colleagues together on continuously improving our status quo.


No matter who we are and where we come from, we treat each other with openness and honesty to build a mutual trust. We self-responsibly deal with a high degree of autonomy, strongly believing in a life beyond just a fulfilling job.


We pay attention to the differentiating details while keeping an eye on simplicity and on what adds the most value. What faces the customer should always be high quality and easy to understand. Behind the scene we make reasonable trade-offs to speed up and minimize complexity.


We maintain the challenge to grow personally and as a team, measuring our results to learn and improve what we offer, and how we work. We have the courage to go for calculated risks and push ourselves to continuously reflect our failures and successes to become a better version of ourselves every day.

Do what makes sense: We are New Work

For us, the mindset you bring is far more important than the title on your business card. We are looking for likeminded people who share our passion and values. Are you one of them? Find out now!





We are convinced that the best people to take decisions are the ones most affected by their consequences. That's why you won't find any approval processes, top-down-decisions or fixed rules in our daily team work. Our cross-functional and self organized squads decide themselves what to focus on and how to achieve their goals the best. That requires a lot of self-management and motivation which is honored by a high level of trust and flexibilty. You want to work from home? Just take your laptop and do so. You'd rather like to do your leadership job in part time? Not a big deal either.

The digital world evolves daily – so do we. High performance is as important to us as the passion it comes from. A lean approach and working with agile principles, tools and methods helps us to create the best results for our customers. We strongly believe that there's always room for improvement and that failure is an unevitable milestone on the way to real success. That's why we share our failures openly and learn from each other. We challenge ourselves and our decisions on a daily basis. We strive for growth and we embrace change – because the next level is just the beginning.









We deeply believe that everyone has a purpose she or he wants to follow. Our advice to anyone out there is: We love what we do – and you should, too! We are passionate people from all over the world sharing one common mission: We want to change our customers lives for the better – with high quality products and extraordinary service. Everyone of us contributes with know-how, experience and passion to make us all grow together – as a team and as a company. This is just a great feeling!


Working at the celebrate company

Gibt es die Möglichkeit in Teilzeit zu arbeiten? / Is there the possibility to work part time?

Ja, viele unserer Kollegen, egal ob Mann oder Frau, arbeiten in Teilzeit. Wenn wir mit dir zusammenarbeiten wollen, möchten wir dir auch die nötige Flexibilität geben, dich und deine privaten Projekte zu verwirklichen. Hierzu bieten wir unterschiedliche Möglichkeiten an, zum Beispiel die Arbeit in Tandems bzw. Jobsharing. --- Yes. A lot of our colleagues, either men or women, work part time. If we want to work with you, we would like to give you the flexibility to realize your private projects. We offer different possibilities, e.g. Tandem Work or Jobsharing.

Kann ich auch remote oder im Home-Office arbeiten? / Can I work from my home office or remote?

Ja, diese Möglichkeit besteht und ist für uns ein wichtiger Baustein flexibler und selbstbestimmter Arbeit. Das sagen wir nicht nur, das meinen wir auch so.

Yes. Working remote or from home is an important component for flexible and self-determined work. And we mean it.

Gibt es Kernarbeitszeiten? / Are there core working times?

Nein, bei uns gibt es keine Kernarbeitszeiten. Du entscheidest selbst, wann und wie lange du arbeitest. Einige Ausnahmen gibt es für unsere Teams, die im direkten Kundenkontakt stehen und deswegen zu festgelegten Zeiten erreichbar sein müssen. Aber auch hier hast du natürlich die Möglichkeit, Wünsche einzubringen. Unsere wichtigste Maxime: Tue, was Sinn macht und stimme es mit dem Team ab. --- No, we don’t have core working times. You decide when and how long you work. There are some exceptions for our teams with direct customer contact, because they need to be reachable at certain times. But here too, you have the the opportunity to voice your suggestions and wishes. Our most important maxim: Do what makes sense and coordinate with your team.

Gibt es Unterstützung bei der Wohnungssuche/Visa etc.? / Is there support for finding lodgings/Visa, etc.?

Bei celebrate arbeiten Mitarbeiter aus 19 Nationen. Wir haben bereits viele VisumProzesse begleitet und unterstützen unsere neuen Kollegen beim Start an einem neuen Standort.
Employees from 19 nations work with celebrate. We have already handled a number of visa processes and we try to support our colleagues as much as we can.

Wie sieht Weiterbildung bei celebrate aus? / How does further education look like at celebrate?

Hier kommt es stark auf dich und deine individuellen Wünsche an. Möchtest du auf eine besondere Konferenz? Brauchst du ein spezielles Coaching? Wir haben keine festgesetzten Budgets, sondern du bestimmst selbst, welche Weiterbildung für dich und celebrate am meisten Sinn macht. Tausche dich dazu jederzeit mit dem Team aus und hole unterschiedliche Meinungen ein. It strongly depends on your individual wishes. Do you want to visit a certain conference? Do you need special coaching? We are not working with budgets. You decide which education makes the most sense for you and celebrate. Exchange views with the team and get feedback.