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Moments worth celebrating

Moments worth celebrating.

Creations worth cherishing.

Our mission: here at Atelier Rosemood, we look to spread joy with high-quality products that help our customers celebrate and record the events that mean the most to them. From wedding invitations and baby thank-you cards through to photo books and prints, we go above and beyond to make sure that our customers love their creations and that they can be as proud to share them with loved ones as we are to print them!

With service and design close to our

Passion for service and design

Our number one priority is customer satisfaction. We treat each order as if it were our own. Our customer service team is always ready to go the extra mile for our customers and we have a whole team dedicated to proofreading text, retouching photos and adjusting the layout of customers’ creations to make sure that every piece of stationery or photo book does justice to our customers’ greatest moments. 


Design has always been at the heart of Atelier Rosemood. Hélène, Grégoire and Antoine initially founded Rosemood in 2010 when they were unable to find the perfect baby announcements for their own children. At this point, they joined forces with 3 talented designers to create a range of carefully designed baby announcements and today, we work with a range of both in-house and independent talented designers to create on-trend pieces exclusively for Rosemood customers. Whether they are based in our home town Nantes or in New York, each designer has their own individual style, allowing us to offer a large collection of personalised stationery filled with modern, poetic and above all elegant designs.


The Rosemood team


Behind Rosemood is a team of 130 passionate men & women, united in their mission to help our customers celebrate and immortalise their greatest moments. 

From our customer service team who is here to help our customers every step of the way to our graphic designers who retouch our customers’ photos and adjust the layout of their creations. From the webdesigners and developers, who make sure that our customers’ experience on our website and apps is as smooth as possible, to the printing experts who meticulously prepare and print your creations.

At Rosemood, every team member is an expert in his field, who strives to deliver high-quality products and top-notch service to our customers across 4 countries (France, Germany, Belgium and the UK). 

Beyond our product offering, having a positive impact on the world around us is an important driver for us, here at Rosemood. This implies creating a positive workplace culture, minimising our environmental impact by offsetting our carbon emissions and rethinking elements of our production process, working closely with our suppliers to improve our printing norms, improving our packaging and in general, constantly looking for more sustainable routes for everything we do!

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Our story

How it all began

Three entrepreneurial young parents, Hélène, Grégoire and Antoine founded Atelier Rosemood in 2010 when they were unable to find the perfect baby announcements for their own children. They joined forces with 3 talented designers to create a range of carefully designed baby announcements and set up the website that they wish had existed when sharing their baby news with friends and family. Rosemood started to grow rapidly and in 2013, we decided to take the plunge and invest in creating our very own printing studio. By spring 2013, we had found the perfect place, had all our machines set up and our Printing Director Ivann started running tests! By July 2013, we started printing everything internally… a big achievement for us and one that opened us up to a world of possibilities in product innovation!


Atelier Rosemood

Atelier Rosemood is specialized in the creation and production of beautiful personalized stationery as well as elegant photo books, prints, personalized photo calendars and notebooks.

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